cmd-f is Vancouver's all-female* hackathon, happening March 7-8th at the University of British Columbia. Join us to shift the idea of what a hacker looks like and counter common misconceptions about women* in tech.

We understand that the term "female" is not an accurate description for many people, hence why we denote it with an "*". cmd-f welcomes participants who identify as female, as well as non-binary, agender, intersex people.

See the main site for more information:


Participants must be either:

  • A secondary school student
  • A post-secondary school student
  • A recent graduate


All projects must be submitted on Devpost by 1:00 PM PST on Sunday, March 8th, 2020.

All participants must follow MLH's Code of Conduct.

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD3,940 in prizes

1st Place

* $1000 between team members
* 4 months of Cloudsploit Premium free ($440 value)

2nd Place

* $600 between team members
* 4 months of Cloudsploit Premium free ($440 value)

3rd Place

* $400 between team members
* 4 months of Cloudsploit Premium free ($440 value)

Telus - Leverage technology to manage/improve any mental health related issue

At the end of the hackathon, we look forward to your projects tackling the issue of mental health that our society faces, across all generations. Feel free to be creative and explore the area of mental health or go with our sub theme of cyber bullying.

- Idea Novelty of the idea proposed /10
- Effectiveness of the proposal in addressing the problem statement /10
- Implementation Level of technical creativity and/or complexity of Implementation /20
- Presentation and demo quality /10
Total /50

-Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for each team member

Scotiabank - Best Hack for Educating Women Between the Ages 10-15 on Finance

* Apple watch for each winning member - Build Next Generation Search Experience provides the most intuitive and suggestive search experience to surface the properties that best fit the needs of the consumer. Build the next generation Real Estate search experience that provides the consumer with personalized search and refinement suggestions. The solution should leverage Personalization, Deep Learning and Natural language techniques.

* Visa Giftcards ($400 value)

Kabam - Best UX/UI Design

Criteria: Visual quality, optimization, well thought out UI design

* Apple App Store or Google Play Store gift card for each member

Safe Software - Best Community Connector

Safe Software is all about making an impact in our local community. Whether it is supporting youth in STEM, encouraging careers for women in tech or making the world a greener place through clean/green tech, we strive to connect our company’s success with success in our surrounding community.

Each group member of the winning team of the Safe Software Best Community Connector prize will receive:

* A Safe Software swag bundle,
* A $50 Visa gift card,
* A guaranteed internship interview in the future (if the student decides to apply for a co-op interview with us).

SAP - Empower Women Through Technology

Build a technology to improve gender diversity in the workplace addressing one or more of these challenges:

- Helping women make their voices heard
- Encouraging women to pursue careers in technology
- Improving recruitment process to be more inclusive for diverse candidates
- Promoting a more inclusive work environment
- Women empowering other women


* The winning team will receive a Google Nest Hub for each team member (up to four total)
* And a tour of our fantastic Vancouver Yaletown office.

Hootsuite’s #SocialForGood award

At Hootsuite, our driving purpose is to Champion the Power of Human Connection. For your team to qualify for Hootsuite’s #SocialForGood award, your project must make a positive social impact on how we communicate in today’s connected world. This could mean creating a tool that makes the world a more accessible place, creating an app that helps less-amplified voices to be heard, or providing a way for people to connect and organize in volunteering efforts, and beyond. The internet and our increasingly globally-connected world are powerful influences; what can you hack to harness that power for good?!

* Each member of the winning team will receive a Raspberry Pi 4
* Additionally, the winners will have the opportunity to tour our beloved Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver and participate in a Q&A session with our VP of Software Development Greg Bell as well as some of our team members.

Happy hacking from all of us at Hootsuite!

Lighthouse Labs Future of Work Award

CRITERIA: At Lighthouse Labs, we are passionate about preparing everybody for the future of work, by focussing on digital skills training and getting people out of their boxes to be comfortable being uncomfortable. This award will be given to the team that develops a project that is innovative and changes the way we currently approach a problem. Think about automating tasks, or finding a way to enhance and improve a process that isn't done efficiently.

PRIZE: - 1 Lighthouse Labs hoodie
- 1 Lighthouse Labs t-shirt
- 1 Lighthouse labs rubber duckies (our logo and stands for rubber-ducky debugging!)
- An initiation to come tour Lighthouse Labs and chat with some senior female developers in the field and their take on being women in STEM!

MLH COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Hacks

MLH will be donating $20, for each hack that participates in this category, to those impacted by the Coronavirus. There is a winner for this category (to showcase the strength of community in a time of crisis), but no winner prize.

MLH Best use of Google Cloud

Best use of Google Cloud.
* Google Nest Minis (for each team member)

MLH Best domain registered with

Best Domain Registered with
* backpack (for each team member)

MLH Best automation hack using UiPath

Best UiPath Automation Hack.
* UiPath backpack (for each team member)
* Opportunity to interview for UiPath internship (for each team member)

MLH Best use of Blockstack

Best use of Blockstack.
* Apple BeatsX headphones (for each team member)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Angela Tao

Angela Tao

Cinda Heeren

Cinda Heeren

Jelena Furundzic

Jelena Furundzic

Mahsa Talebpourazad

Mahsa Talebpourazad

Jennifer Slegers

Jennifer Slegers

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
    What is the problem the team is aiming to solve? Is the project a creative, original, and suitable solution to the problem? /4
  • Technology
    Was the hack technically sophisticated? Does the project use advanced technologies (APIs, algorithms etc.)? /4
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? Is the design accessible (e.g. high contrast for good visibility, etc.) and aesthetically pleasing? Is the user experience smooth? /4
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted? Does it seem finished or does it seem rough around the edges? /3
  • (Finalists-Only) Presentation
    Is the presentation well-prepared and smooth? Does it make a good business case for the project? Are statistics used when relevant? (finalists only) /3

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